My main research interests are in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of biology.

While time is undoubtedly¬†important in biological systems, the role it plays has remained philosophically under-explored.¬†My dissertation, entitled “On Time and Process in Biology”, explores this underdeveloped area of philosophy of biology. My work takes a practice-centered approach and focuses on the recently developed process framework for biology. Ultimately arguing that both of these perspectives are important for understanding the nature of time in biology, and the future of reductionism and pluralism in biological science more generally.

I also have research interests in the social structures that produce and support scientific knowledge and the philosophy of logic (specifically in dialetheism and paraconsistent logics). I have a work in progress examining the possibility of metaphysical dialetheism- that there might be contradiction in the world itself. I am working on a co-authored piece about data-driven policy making.

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